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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1955F. Altheim, Niedergang der Alten WeltНемировский, А.И.; Ременников, А.М.
1974F. Kiechle, Sklavenarbeit und technischer Fortschritt im Romischen ReichАрнгольдт, А.К.
1974F. Schachermeyr, Alexander in Babylon und die Reichsordnung nach seinem TodeФунк, Б.
1974Fanula Papazoglu, Srednjobalkanska plemena и predrimsko dobaМалеваный, А.М.
2015Fasile synthesis of mesoporous carbon composites from iron-containing resorcinol-formaldegide resinsGalaburda, M.V.; Bogatyrov, V.M.; Oranska, O.I.; Skubiszewska-Zięba, J.
2020Features of construction of a training process at the precompetitive stage of preparation of qualified sportswomen specializing in the modern pentathlonSevdalev, S.V.; Vrublevskiy, E.P.; Kozhedub, M.S.; Севдалев, С.В.; Врублевский, Е.П.; Кожедуб, М.С.
2012Features of Controlled Laser Thermal Cleavage of Crystal QuartzSerdyukov, A.N.; Shershnev, E.B.; Nikityuk, Yu. V.; Sholokh, V.F.; Sokolov, S.I.
2019Features of Electro-Induced Periodical Structures in LiTaO3 Single Crystal and Their Interaction with Surface Acoustic WaveBarsukou, S.D.; Jun Kondoh; Khakhomov, S.A.
2021Features of personal costs and consumer behavior in the field of savings: theoretical aspects and foreign experienceZapadnyuk, Е.А.; Nikiforov, A.V.
2019Feci quod potui… : Спадчына Анатоля Сыса і паэзія XX стагоддзяШтейнер, И.Ф.
2015Finite biprimary groups with all 3-maximal subgroups u-subnormalKovaleva, V.A.; Xiaolan Yi
2020Finite groups with abnormal Schmidt subgroupsSkiba, A.N.; Скиба, А.Н.
2013Finite groups with all 2-maximal subgroups K-ℙ-subnormalKovaleva, V.A.
2015Finite groups with complemented subgroups of prime ordersMonakhov, V.S.; Kniahina, V.N.; Монахов, В.С.; Княгина, В.Н.
2014Finite groups with generalized ℙ-subnormal second maximal subgroupsKovaleva, V.A.; Ковалева, В.А.
2006Finite groups with given systems of generalized permutable subgroupsSkiba, A.N.
2016Finite groups with given systems of K-𝔘-subnormal subgroupsKovaleva, V.A.; Ковалева, В.А.
2006Finite groups with given systems of P-embedded subgroupsTargonskiy, E.A.; Skiba, A.N.
2011Finite groups with hall Schmidt subgroupsKniahina, V.N.; Monakhov, V.S.; Княгина, В.Н.; Монахов, В.С.
2019Finite groups with only 𝔉 -normal and 𝔉 -abnormal subgroupsBin Hu; Jianhong Huang; Skiba, A.N.; Скиба, А.Н.