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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006m-Полунормализаторы в n-арной группеГальмак, А.М.
1975M. L. West, Early Greek Philosophy and the OrientЛелеков, Л.А.
1953M. Launeу, Recherches sur les armees hellenistiquesСокольский, Н.И.
1976M. Mayrhofer, Onomastica Persepolitana. Das altiraniscne Namengut der Persepolis-TafelchenОранский, И.М.
1972M. Wheeler, Flames over Persepolis, Turningpoint in History, New York, 1968Кошеленко, Г.А.
1954M. Wheeler, The Indus civilization, Cambridge history of IndiaСвет, Я.
1977M.-M. Maсtоux, Penelope. Legende et mythe, P., «Les belles lettres»Лившиц, Е.Л.
2011Management of social capital as a basis for the sustainable development of information infrastructure of BelarusBaranov, A.M.; Баранов, А.М.
2005Management of the training process in qualified female hammer throwersWrublewsky, E.; Vrublevskiy, E.
2016Mapping radon risk on territory of Republic of BelarusChunikhin, L.; Chekhovskii, A.; Drozdov, D.
1979Maria Letizia Lazzarini, Le formule delle dediche votive nella Grecia arcaica. Atti della Academia Nazionale dei Lincei. Memorie. Classe di Scienze morali, storihe e filologiche. Serie VIII, vol. XIX, fasc. 2. Roma, 1976Виноградов, Ю.Г.
1975Mario Tosi, Alessandro Roccati, Stele е altre epigrafi di Deir el MedinaБогословский, Е.С.
1976Martin Ostwald, Nomos and the beginnings of the Athenian democracyДоватур, А.И.
2022Mathematical model of the flat problem of the allowance distributionKako, N.F.
2006Maurice CaremeСедач, Т.Л.
2021Maxima of the power density of the second–harmonic generation from a linear structure of long cylindrical dielectric particlesKapshai, V.N.; Talkachov, A.I.; Shamyna, A.A.; Капшай, В.Н.; Толкачёв, А.И.; Шамына, А.А.
2006Maximal preboundaries of perfect groupsIranzo, M.J.; Lafuente, J.P.; Perez-Monasor, F.
2000Maximal subgroups in the class theory of finite groupsSel`kin, M.V.; Селькин, М.В.
2004MealsПознякова, Т.М.; Ловгач, Г.В.
2021Measurement of RadioactivityAveryn, V.S.