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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975R. Flaceliere, Jeanne Robert et Louis Robert, «Bulletin epigraphique»Блаватская, Т.В.
1973R. Lоnis, Les usages de la guerre entre Grecs et Barbares des guerres Mediques au m ilieu du IVе s. avant J.-C.Маринович, Л.П.
1974R. Martin, Recherches sar les agronomes latins et leur conceptions sociales et economiquesСергеенко, М.Е.
1974R. McAdamc and Hans J. Nissen. The Uruk Countryside. The Natural Setting of Urban SocietiesМассон, В.М.
1974R. N. Sharp, The Inscriptions in Old Persian Cuneiform of the Achaemenian EmperorsЭдаков, А.В.
2019Radiative corrections in proton–antiproton annihilation to electron-positron and their application to the PANDA experimentBystritskiy, Yu.M.; Zykunov, V.A.; Dbeyssi, A.; Zambrana, M.; Maas, F.; Tomasi-Gustafsson, E.; Зыкунов, В.А.
2001Radiative decay form-factor of a pseudoscalar quark-antiquark bound-stateTyumenkov, G.Y.; Тюменков, Г.Ю.
2021Raman investigation of multiferroic BiFeO₃ and Bi₁₋ₓSmₓFeO₃ materials synthesized by the sol-gel methodFesenko, O.; Tsebriienko, T.; Yaremkevych, A.; Sidski, V.V.; Semchenko, A.V.; Gaishun, V.E.; Kovalenko, D.L.; Khakhomov, S.A.; Сидский, В.В.; Семченко, А.В.; Гайшун, В.Е.; Коваленко, Д.Л.; Хахомов, С.А.
2019Rapallo-Politik in den Bedingungen der Vorbereitung des GarantiepaktesМезга, Н.Н.; Miazga, Mikalai
2012Ratio vivendi in amore : мастацкая мадэль «кахання» ў паэзіі Леры СомКірушкіна, М.І.; Фицнер, Т.А.
2015Read and Discuss: English for Biologists = Читаем и обсуждаем: английский для биологовВегеро, М.В.
2022Real estate property search systemGuvanch Avediyev
2022Recent Developments in the Field of Non-Destructive Testing, Safety and Materials ScienceLysenko, Е.; Rogachev, А.; Oldˇ rich Starý; Лысенко, Е.; Рогачев, А.В.
2001Reflection and transmission by a bi-anisotropic omega structures under normal incidence of plane wavesSemchenko, I.V.; Khakhomov, S.A.
2001Reflection and transmission by a bi-anisotropic omega structures under normal incidence of plane wavesSemchenko, I.V.; Khakhomov, S.A.; Семченко, И.В.; Хахомов, С.А.
2022Regional analysis of the occurrence and spread of engineering-geological processes in the Republic of BelarusGalkin, A.N.; Krasovskaya, I.A.; Pavlovsky, A.I.; Shershnev, O.V.; Галкин, А.Н.; Красовская, И.А.; Павловский, А.И.; Шершнёв, О.В.
2017Regional features and landscape regularities of Belarus environment transformation and its geo-ecological zonationSokolov A.S.; Соколов, А.С.
2012Registration of transverse acoustic waves in crystals in rotating eloectric fieldBarsukov, S.D.; Khakhomov, S.A.; Semchenko, I.V.; Demidenko, O.M.; Барсуков, С.Д.; Хахомов, С.А.; Семченко, И.В.; Демиденко, О.М.
2018Regulation of the phase composition and structure of carbon coatings by plasma metals doping methodsRudenkov, A.S.; Rogachev, А.V.; Piliptsov, D.G.; Kulesh, E.А.
2011Relativistic two-particle Sturm-Liouville problem in the momentum representation: exact and numerical solutionsKapshai, V.N.; Fialka, S.I.; Korsun, L.D.; Капшай, В.Н.; Фиалка, С.И.; Корсун, Л.Д.