Title: Laser photoacoustic spectroscopy of the piezoceramic materials
Authors: Mityurich, G.S.
Aleksiejuk, M.
Astakhov, P.V.
Serdyukov, A.N.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Laser photoacoustic spectroscopy of the piezoceramic materials / G.S. Mityurich [et al.] // Archives of metallurgy and materials. - 2009. - Vol. 54, № 4. - С. 889-894.
Abstract: The aim of the work is the investigation of photoacoustic transformation in piezoceramic materials and piezocrystals of various classes of symmetry. It is considered the case thermal mechanism of excitation of thermoelastic waves by various Bessel light beams polarization modes. Within the range of modulation frequency 100kHz- 1MHz the resonance phenomena are found. It’s showed that the amplitude of the resonance curves substantially depends on the radial distribution of the velocity of the Bessel light beams energy dissipation, on the type of polarization modes and on the geometric dimensions of the piezoelectric crystal, which acts also as a piezodetector. We can state that the results obtained by the resonance photoacoustic transformation can be used to improve the resolution of methods of photoacoustic spectroscopy and microscopy.
URI: http://elib.gsu.by/jspui/handle/123456789/33985
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