Title: A method for in vivo estimation of viscoelastic characteristics of skeletal muscles
Authors: Shilko, S.V.
Chernous, D.A.
Bondarenko, K.K.
Шилько, С.В.
Черноус, Д.А.
Бондаренко, К.К.
Keywords: muscular tissues
contractive function
dynamic indentation
relaxation parameters
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Shilko, S.V. A method for in vivo estimation of viscoelastic characteristics of skeletal muscles / S.V. Shilko, D.A. Chernous, K.K. Chernous // Russian Journal of Biomechanics. - 2007. - Vol. 11, No. 1. - P. 44-53.
Abstract: A new noninvasive method of determining Young’s modulus and relaxation parameters of muscular tissues based on dynamic indentation and the relations of contact mechanics for a viscoelastic medium has been developed. It is assumed that the muscular tissue in a passive state is an isotropic material described by the exponential relaxation kernel. The active state of the tissue under consideration is simulated by application of the tension force equal to a maximum force generated by a muscle during isometric excitation. The method was used to characterize biomechanical parameters of the biceps muscle of the shoulder (m. biceps brachii). The possibility of rapid and noninvasive study of the muscular tissue deformational properties for further objective estimation of the musculoskeletal system and optimization of training regimes of sportsmen is shown.
URI: http://elib.gsu.by/jspui/handle/123456789/40828
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