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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Composition and structure of composite coatings based on metal oxides and polytetrafluoroethylenedeposited under conditions of electron-initiated endothermic processesSurzhikov, A.P.; Chicherina, N.V.; Rogachev, A.V.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rudenkov, A.S.; Rogachev, A.A.; Wang Jicheng; Рогачёв, А.В.; Ярмоленко, М.А.; Руденков, А.С.; Рогачёв, А.А.
2018Deposition of double-layer coatings for preparing composite membranes with syperhydrophobic propertiesKravets, L.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.V.; Gainutdinov, R.; Lizunov, N.; Ярмоленко, М.А.; Рогачев, А.В.
2016Dynamics of combined electron beam and laser dispersion of polymers in vacuumLuchnikov, P.A.; Rogachev, A.V.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.A.; Bespal'ko, A.A.
2021Formation of hydrophobic polymer coatings on the tracketched membrane surfaceKravets, L.I.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Gainutdinov, R.V.; Satulu, V.; Mitu, B.; Dinescu, G.; Ярмоленко, М.А.
2022Formation of nanostructured carbon coatings by laser dispersion of the target based on a polymer and metal formatesLiu Yiming; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rudenkov, А.S.; Ярмоленко, М.А.; Руденков, А.С.
2013Morphology and structure of antibacterial nanocomposite organic–polymer and metal–polymer coatings deposited from active gas phaseRogachev, A.A.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.V.; Tapalski, D.V.; Xiaoheng Liu; Gorbachev, D.L.
2006Morphology of Polytetrafluoroethylene Coatings Formed from the Active Gas Phase and Its Thermal ModificationRogachev, A.A.; Rogachev, A.V.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Egorov, A.I.
2020PCL Based CIP-Loaded Double-Layer Films Deposited by Low-Electron Beam Dispersion Method and its Antibacterial PropertiesXu, Q.; Li, B.; Xu, Z.; Jiang, X.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.A.; Rogachev, A.V.
2017Peculiarities of Electron-Beam Formation of Hydrophobic and Superhydrophobic Coatings Based on Hydrocarbons of Various Molecular Weights and PTFEChen, Qi; Rogachev, A.V.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.A.; Jiang, Xiaohong; Gorbachev, D.L.; Рогачёв, А.В.; Ярмоленко, М.А.; Рогачёв, А.А.; Горбачев, Д.Л.
2020Phase composition and morphology of nanostructured coatings deposited by laser dispersion of a mixture of polyethylene with iron oxalateRudenkov, A.S.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.A.; Surzhikov, A.P.; Luchnikov, A.P.; Frolova, O.A.; Руденков, А.С.; Ярмоленко, М.А.; Рогачёв, А.А.
2018Plasma-chemical deposition, structure, properties and application of nanocomposite polymer-based coatingsRogachev, A.A.; Xiaohong Jiang; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.V.; Рогачев, А.А.; Ярмоленко, М.А.; Рогачев, А.В.
2009Specific Features of Formation and Molecular Structure of Polyaniline-Based Composite Coatings Deposited from Active Gas PhaseRogachev, A.V.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.A.; Gorbachev, D.L.; Рогачев, А.В.; Ярмоленко, М.А.; Рогачев, А.А.; Горбачев, Д.Л.
2018Structure and antibacterial activity of PLA-based biodegradable nanocomposite coatings by electron beam deposition from active gas phaseChun He; Qi Chen; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.A.; Piliptsou, D.G.; Xiaohong Jiang; Rogachev, A.V.
2021Structure and properties of microcellulose-based coatings deposited via a low-energy electron beam and their effect on the properties of onto wound dressingsYiming Liu; Xu Qin; Rogachev, A.V.; Rogachev, А.А.; Kontsevaya, I.I.; Pyzh, A.E.; Xiaohong Jiang; Yarmolenko, V.A.; Rudenkov, A.S.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Рогачев, А.В.; Рогачев, А.А.; Концевая, И.И.; Руденков, А.С.; Ярмоленко, М.А.
2008Structure and properties of nanocomposite polymer coatingsRogachev, A.A.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rahachou, A.V.; Tamulevičius, S.; Prosycevas, I.
2018Structure and properties of polyaniline nanocomposite coatings containing gold nanoparticles formed by low-energy electron beam depositionSurui Wang; Rogachev, A.A.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.V.; Jiang Xiaohong; Gaur, M.S.; Luchnikov, P.A.; Galtseva, O.V.; Chizhik, S.A.
2012Structure and Properties of Thin-Film Polyguanidine-Based Composite Coatings Deposited from the Gas PhaseYarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.A.; Agabekov, A.E.; Rogachev, A.V.; Dobysh, V.A.; Tarasevich, V.A.; Tapal’ski, D.V.
2008Structure and Tribological Properties of Polytetrafluoroethylene Nanocomposite Coatings Formed from Active Gas PhaseRogachev, A.A.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.V.; Tamulevičius, S.; Prosycevas, I.; Рогачев, А.А.; Ярмоленко, М.А.; Рогачев, В.А.
2021Study of Icaritin Films by Low-Energy Electron Beam DepositionTongfei Cheng; Jinxing Cao; Xiaohong Jiang; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.A.; Rogachev, A.V.; Ярмоленко, М.А.; Рогачёв, А.А.; Рогачёв, А.В.
2018Synthesis and structure of antibacterial coatings formed by electron-beam dispersion of polyvinyl chloride in vacuumChun He; Rogachev, A.V.; Beibei Li; Yarmolenko, V.A.; Rogachev, A.A.; Tapal'skii, D.V.; Xiaohong Jiang; Dongping Sun; Yarmolenko, M.A.