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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1953M. Launeу, Recherches sur les armees hellenistiquesСокольский, Н.И.
1954M. Wheeler, The Indus civilization, Cambridge history of IndiaСвет, Я.
2005Management of the training process in qualified female hammer throwersWrublewsky, E.; Vrublevskiy, E.
2016Mapping radon risk on territory of Republic of BelarusChunikhin, L.; Chekhovskii, A.; Drozdov, D.
2006Maurice CaremeСедач, Т.Л.
2004MealsПознякова, Т.М.; Ловгач, Г.В.
2018Metalenses based on the unsymmetrical double slits arrayHongyan Shao; Jicheng Wang; Zheng-Da Hu; Tian Sang
2019Methodological directions of the development of a model of individualization of training of sportsmen specializing in speed power type of athleticsVrublevskiy, E.; Kozhedub, M.; Sevdalev, S.; Kowalski, P.
2020Methodology of optimization of the tempo-rhythmic structure of the run-up of female pole vaulters of 14-16 years oldBorovaya, V.A.; Vrublevskiy, E.P.; Sevdalev, S.V.; Боровая, В.А.; Врублевский, Е.П.; Севдалев, С.В.
1971Mithraism in Ostia. Mystery Religion and Christianity in the Ancient Port of Rome, Northwestern University Press, 1967Кошеленко, Г.А.
2013Modeling of mechanical influence of double-beam laser on single-crystalline siliconShalupaev, S.V.; Serdyukov, A.N.; Mityurich, G.S.; Aleksiejuk, M.; Nikitjuk, Y.V.; Sereda, A.A.; Шалупаев, С.В.; Сердюков, А.Н.; Митюрич, Г.С.; Алексиюк, М.; Никитюк, Ю.И.; Середа, А.А.
2008Modeling of Spirals with Equal Dielectric, Magnetic, and Chiral SusceptibilitiesSaenz, E.; Semchenko, I.V.; Khakhomov, S.A.; Guven, K.; Gonzalo, R.; Ozbay, E.; Tretyakov, S.
2019Modelling of the competitive activities of qualified female shortdistance runners, taking into account their individual characteristicsVrublevskiy, E.P.; Sevdalev, S.V.; Lashkevich, S.V.; Gerkusov, A.S.
2019Modelling of the competitive activities of qualified female shortdistance runners, taking into account their individual characteristicsVrublevskiy, Е.Р.; Sevdalev, S.V.; Lashkevich, S.V.; Gerkusov, A.S.; Врублевский, Е.П.; Севдалев, С.В.; Лашкевич, С.В.; Геркусов, А.С.
2020Modern environmental technologies of healthy soils contaminated by heavy metals and radionuclidesSavosko, V.; Podolyak, A.; Komarova, I.; Karpenko, A.
2018Molecular and morphological data suggest that the cladoniicolous Pezizella ucrainica belongs to Hyphodiscus (Hyaloscyphaceae, Helotiales)Suija, A.; Tsurykau, A.G.; Zimmermann, E.; Diederich, P.; Цуриков, А.Г.
2007Morphology and molecular structure of polyurethane films treated with a glow discharge plasmaSarkisov, O.A.; Rogachev, A.A.; Rogachev, A.V.; Yarmolenko, М.А.; J. Xiao-Hong
2013Morphology and structure of antibacterial nanocomposite organic–polymer and metal–polymer coatings deposited from active gas phaseRogachev, A.A.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.V.; Tapalski, D.V.; Xiaoheng Liu; Gorbachev, D.L.
2006Morphology of Polytetrafluoroethylene Coatings Formed from the Active Gas Phase and Its Thermal ModificationRogachev, A.A.; Rogachev, A.V.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Egorov, A.I.
2018Mатематическая модель синтеза текстов на основе слияния коммуникативных фрагментовЛипницкий, С.Ф.; Lipnitsky, S.F.