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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021An analysis of different types of players in football matchXiao Hu; Vrublevskiy, E.; Medvedev, P.; Врублевский, Е.П.; Медведев, П.
2017Dynamics of development of physical qualities for omc in female athletesVrublevskiy, E.; Kozhedub, M.; Sevdalev, S.
2018Dynamics of intellectual efficiency indicators of the second step pupils of general secondary education at the english lessons during regular use of physical minutesMisyura, A.; Vrublevskiy, E.
2018Formation of pupils’ sports knowledge in day-care centersMisjura, A.; Vrublevskiy, E.
2019Individual approach in the development of muscle mass in female age womenNaumenko, Y.; Vrublevskiy, E.; Sevdaleva, K.
2019Individualization and differentiation in the process of physical and health-improving shaping activities with women of mature ageSkidan, A.; Vrublevskiy, E.; Sevdaleva, K.
2018Individualization of training process of runners at various distances depending on biorhythmics of their bodyVrublevskiy, E.; Kozhedub, M.; Sevdalev, S.
2018Influence of the organism biorhytmics of the qualified women-runners for short distances on their movement abilities dynamicsVrublevskiy, E.; Kozhedub, M.; Sevdalev, S.
2005Management of the training process in qualified female hammer throwersWrublewsky, E.; Vrublevskiy, E.
2019Methodological directions of the development of a model of individualization of training of sportsmen specializing in speed power type of athleticsVrublevskiy, E.; Kozhedub, M.; Sevdalev, S.; Kowalski, P.
2021Organization and control of special strength training of qualified football playersLashkevich, S.; Vrublevskiy, E.; Kozhedub, M.; Medvedev, P.; Лашкевич, С.В.; Врублевский, Е.П.; Кожедуб, М.С.; Медведев, П.
2018Pedagogical designing of lessons by shaping with women of the mature ageVrublevskiy, E.; Skidan, A.; Sevdalev, S.
2019Physical culture in the life of elementary school pupilsMisjura, A.; Vrublevskiy, E.; Albarkaayi, D.
2017Possibility of application of interval hypoxic hypobaric training course for increasing cognitive reserve of athletes-boxersKovalenko, Y.; Vrublevskiy, E.
2018Research of physical development, functional state and lifestyle of studentsMisjura, A.; Vrublevskiy, E.
2019Restructuring of special preparedness of sprinters with increasing of spostsmanshipVrublevskiy, E.; Albarkaayi, D.; Khorshed, A.
2018The degree of interval hypoxic training effect on the respiratory system of boxers in the mesocycleKovalenko, J.; Vrublevskiy, E.
2018The level of specyfic motor properties inthe individual phases of the menstrual cycle among young sportswomen practicing sprintsVrublevskiy, E.; Kozhedub, M.
2019The technique of applying exercises of various directions in recreational shaping classes with women of 21-35 yearsSkidan, A.; Vrublevskiy, E.; Sevdalev, S.
2018Zróżnicowanie somatyczne i motoryczne młodzieży akademickiej (ujęcie relatywne)Vrublevskiy, E.; Asienkiewicz, R.