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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Phase Coexistence and Morphotropic Boundaries in Ferroelectric-Antiferroelectric-Antiferrodistortive MultiferroicsMorozovska, A.N.; Yaremkevich, A.D.; Fesenko, O.M.; Tsebrienko, T.V.; Karpinsky, D.V.; Alikin, D.O.; Kholkin, A.L.; Abramov, A.; Eliseev, A.; Glinchuk, M.D.; Pakalniškis, A.; Kareiva, A.; Silibin, M.V.; Sidski, V.V.; Kalinin, S.V.; Kholkin, A.L.
2020A comparative study of monolinguals and multilinguals in the EFL contextBiljana Radić-Bojanić
2000A description of finite groups with F- abnormal or F-subnormal subgroupsSemenchuk, V.N.; Семенчук, В.Н.
2020A Hausdorff operator on Lebesgue spaces with commuting family of perturbation matrices is a non-riesz operatorMirotin, A.R.
2019A Job InterviewВеренич, И.М.
2007A method for in vivo estimation of viscoelastic characteristics of skeletal musclesShilko, S.V.; Chernous, D.A.; Bondarenko, K.K.; Шилько, С.В.; Черноус, Д.А.; Бондаренко, К.К.
2013A method of approximate solution of the Dirac equation for the case of particle scattering on analytical potentialsKapshai, V.N.; Капшай, В.Н.; Fialka, S.I.; Фиалка, С.И.
2000A new injective Fitting classIranzo, M.J.; Perez-Monasor, F.; Medina, J.
2000A new property of local formations of finite groupsKorotkevich, D.V.
2020A Note on Formations with the Shemetkov PropertyMurashka, V.I.; Мурашко, В.И.
2000A note on supersoluble Fitting classesHeineken, H.
2006A note on the finite group with some weak-supplemented subgroupsMinbang Su
2017A note on the WU-hepercenter of a finite groupМурашко, В.И.; Murashka, V.I.
1981A phosphoglucomutase locus in D. virilisGoncharenko, G.G.; Zakbarov, I.K.; Гончаренко, Г.Г.; Закбаров, И.К.
2020A Positive Approach as a Prevention Way of the Negative Self-Isolation ConsequencesGapanovich-Kaidalova, E.V.; Гапанович-Кайдалова, Е.В.
2018A Provisional Checklist of the Lichens of BelarusTsurykau, A.G.; Цуриков, А.Г.
2017A Robinson characterization of finite PσT-groupsSkiba, A.N.; Скиба, А.Н.
2006A word about ChunikhinShemetkov, L.A.
1956A. Alt, Der Stadtstaat SamariaГельцер, М.
1956A. Aymard et J. Auboyer. Rome etson empire («Histoire generate des civilisations», II)Голубцова, Н.И.