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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A comparative study of monolinguals and multilinguals in the EFL contextBiljana Radić-Bojanić
2000A description of finite groups with F- abnormal or F-subnormal subgroupsSemenchuk, V.N.; Семенчук, В.Н.
2013A method of approximate solution of the Dirac equation for the case of particle scattering on analytical potentialsKapshai, V.N.; Капшай, В.Н.; Fialka, S.I.; Фиалка, С.И.
2000A new injective Fitting classIranzo, M.J.; Perez-Monasor, F.; Medina, J.
2000A new property of local formations of finite groupsKorotkevich, D.V.
2020A Note on Formations with the Shemetkov PropertyMurashka, V.I.; Мурашко, В.И.
2000A note on supersoluble Fitting classesHeineken, H.
2018A Provisional Checklist of the Lichens of BelarusTsurykau, A.G.; Цуриков, А.Г.
2017A Robinson characterization of finite PσT-groupsSkiba, A.N.; Скиба, А.Н.
1956A. Alt, Der Stadtstaat SamariaГельцер, М.
1956A. Aymard et J. Auboyer. Rome etson empire («Histoire generate des civilisations», II)Голубцова, Н.И.
1971A. Kammenhuber, Die Arier im Vorderen Orient, Heidelberg, 1968Гиоргадзе, Г.Г.
1954A. Robertson, The origin s of ChristianityКаждан, А.
1973A. Salonen, Die Fischerei im alten Mesopotamien nach sumerisch-akkadischen QuellenДандамаев, М.А.
1971A. Uguzzoni, F. Ghinatti, Le tavole greche di Eraclea, Roma, 1968Яйленко, В.П.
1977A. Wasowicz, Olbia pontique et son territoire. L’amenagement de l’espaceРубан, В.В.
1980A. Wilhelm, Akademieschriften zur griechischen Inschriftenkunde (1895 - 1951). Lpz, 1974Шелов-Коведяев, Ф.В.
1958Abd El-Мohser Bakir, Slavery in pharaonic Egypt (Supplement aux «Annales du Service des antiquites de I’Egypte»Стучевский, И.А.
2001Absorption of Far-Infrared Electromagnetic Radiation by Disperse Systems whit Metalic InclusionsGrechko, L.G.; Pinchuk, A.O.; Goncharook, Yu.O.; Mal`nev, V.N.; Whites, K.W.
1993Acoucto-electron interaction in conductor crystal of ferroelectric ceramic in the condition of inducting of piezoelectric, anisotropic and gyrotropic properties by the rotating electric fieldSemchenko, I.V.; Sevruk, B.B.; Khakhomov, S.A.