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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018P-noninvariant equa- tion for spin 1/2 particle, taking into account of the external Coulomb fieldOvsiyuk, E.M.; Voynova, Y.A.; Koral’kov, A.D.
1974p-T - диаграмма состояния системы уран-кислородЛевинский, Ю.В.
1977P. Briant, Alexandre le Gland, Paris, Presses Universitaires de FranceМаринович, Л.П.
1955P. Oliva, Raná iecká tyrannis. Studie к otázce vzniku státu; он ж e, Pocátky otrokárské vyroby v antickém ReckuЛенцман, Я.А.
1974P. Oliva, Sparta and her social problemsСтрогецкий, В.М.
1953P. Сlосhe, La democratie AthenienneКазаманова, Л.Н.
2021Partial two-particle equations in the relativistic configurational representation for scattering p-states in the case of a superposition of two δ-function potentialsKapshai, V.N.; Grishechkina, A.A.; Капшай, В.Н.; Гришечкина, А.А.
1965Pb210 в атмосфере и атмосферных выпаденияхБаранов, В. И.; Виленский, В. Д.
2020PCL Based CIP-Loaded Double-Layer Films Deposited by Low-Electron Beam Dispersion Method and its Antibacterial PropertiesXu, Q.; Li, B.; Xu, Z.; Jiang, X.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.A.; Rogachev, A.V.
2019PCR analysis of metorchosis and mixed invasionsZyat’kov, S.A.; Goncharenko, G.G.; Kruk, A.V.; Lysenko, A.N.; Зятьков, С.А.; Гончаренко, Г.Г.; Крук, А.В.; Лысенко, А.Н.
2006Peculiarities of Bessel-beam-based profilometry for testing uneven surfacesBelyi, V.N.; Kroening, M.; Kazak, N.S.; Khilo, N.A.; Mashchenko, A.G.; Ropot, P.I.
2017Peculiarities of Electron-Beam Formation of Hydrophobic and Superhydrophobic Coatings Based on Hydrocarbons of Various Molecular Weights and PTFEChen, Qi; Rogachev, A.V.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.A.; Jiang, Xiaohong; Gorbachev, D.L.; Рогачёв, А.В.; Ярмоленко, М.А.; Рогачёв, А.А.; Горбачев, Д.Л.
2021Pedagogical conditions for the formation of communicative competence of physical education teachersGriban, G.; Oleniev, D.; Sirenko, R.; Shukatka, O.; Pechko, O.; Seudaleu, S.; Gavrylovskyi, S.; Denysovets, A.; Elovets, O.; Honcharenko, I.
2023Pedagogical conditions for the use of electronic educational resources in the context of the modernization of linguistic educationBartosh, D.; Kharlamova, M.; Pochinok, T.; Stoyanova, E.; Починок, Т.В.
2018Pedagogical designing of lessons by shaping with women of the mature ageVrublevskiy, E.; Skidan, A.; Sevdalev, S.
2019Perturbation determinants on Banach spaces and operator differentiability for hirsch functional calculusMirotin, A.R.
2018Phaeophyscia endophoenicea (Lecanoromycetes) – lichen species new to BelarusTsurykau, A.G.; Ropat, A.; Цуриков, А.Г.; Ропот, А.
2020Phase composition and morphology of nanostructured coatings deposited by laser dispersion of a mixture of polyethylene with iron oxalateRudenkov, A.S.; Yarmolenko, M.A.; Rogachev, A.A.; Surzhikov, A.P.; Luchnikov, A.P.; Frolova, O.A.; Руденков, А.С.; Ярмоленко, М.А.; Рогачёв, А.А.
2017Photoacoustic transformation of Bessel light beams in layers of achiral and chiral carbon nanotubesMityurich, G.S.; Lebedeva, E.V.; Serdyukov, A.N.; Sviridova, V.V.; Митюрич, Г.С.; Сердюков, А.Н.
2015Photodeflection spectroscopy of magnetoactive superlattices irradiated by Bessel–Gaussian light beamsMityurich, G.S.; Chernenok, E.V.; Serdyukov, A.N.; Митюрич, Г.С.; Сердюков, А.Н.