Title: Modeling of mechanical influence of double-beam laser on single-crystalline silicon
Authors: Shalupaev, S.V.
Serdyukov, A.N.
Mityurich, G.S.
Aleksiejuk, M.
Nikitjuk, Y.V.
Sereda, A.A.
Шалупаев, С.В.
Сердюков, А.Н.
Митюрич, Г.С.
Алексиюк, М.
Никитюк, Ю.И.
Середа, А.А.
Keywords: laser cutting
thermoelastic stresses
silicon wafers
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Modeling of mechanical influence of double-beam laser on single-crystalline silicon / S.V. Shalupaev, A.N. Serdyukov, G.S. Mityurich, M. Aleksiejuk, Y.V. Nikitjuk, A.A. Sereda // Archives of Мetallurgy and Мaterials. - 2013. - Vol. 58, № 4. - Р. 1381-1385.
Abstract: The results of finite-element modeling of controlled laser thermosplitting of crystalline silicon are presented. The case of treatment by two laser beam with wavelengths, namely 0.808 m and 1.06 m is studied. Calculations of the thermoelastic fields formed in a single-crystalline silicon wafer as a result of consecutive two-beam laser heating and action of coolant were performed for silicon crystalline orientations: (100), (110), (111). Modeling was performed for circular and U-shaped laser beams. The results received in the presented work, can be used for the process optimization concerning the precise separation of silicon wafers by laser cutting.
URI: http://elib.gsu.by/handle/123456789/7417
ISSN: 1733-3490
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