Title: Theoretical and practical aspects of competition in the information economy
Authors: Sorvirov, B.V.
Zapadnuk, E.A.
Baranov, A.M.
Сорвиров, Б.В.
Западнюк, Е.А.
Баранов, А.М.
Keywords: information technologies
information economy
institutional mechanism
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Sorvirov, B.V. Theoretical and practical aspects of competition in the information economy / B.V. Sorvirov, E.A. Zapadnuk, A.M. Baranov // Евразийский Союз Ученых. Сер.: Экономические науки. - 2020. - № 7 (76). - С. 4-9.
Abstract: The article considers the institutional mechanism of the influence of information technologies on the competitive strategies of firms, identifies the main characteristics of firms in the information competitive environment, systematizes the basic principles of competitive behavior of the firm in the information economy, considers monopolistic models of behavior of institutional consumers in the information economy, considers the information costs of firms, price and non-price competition in conditions of informatization of the social and economic sphere in foreign countries, the authors consider the transformational strategy of the Republic of Belarus in the innovation sphere.
URI: http://elib.gsu.by/jspui/handle/123456789/15627
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