Title: ZnO/Me Sol-Gel Film for Solar Sells and Photodetectors
Authors: Khakhomov, S.A.
Semchenko, A.V.
Sidsky, V.V.
Malyutina-Bronskaya, V.V.
Soroka, S.A.
Zalesskiy, V.B.
Kovalchuk, N.S.
Pyatlitski, A.N.
Solodukha, V.A.
Хахомов, С.А.
Семченко, А.В.
Сидский, В.В.
Keywords: sol-gel
current-voltage characteristics
transparent conductive ZnO:Me –films
hydrophobic properties
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Kaunas University of Technology
Citation: ZnO/Me Sol-Gel Film for Solar Sells and Photodetectors / / S.A. Khakhomov [et al.] // Inter-Academia 2018 : the 17th International Conference on Global Research and Education (Kaunas, Lithuania, 24 – 27 September, 2018) ; Kaunas University of Technology. - Kaunas, 2018 - P. 81.
URI: http://elib.gsu.by/jspui/handle/123456789/33107
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